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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture

The way it works is local families support us by purchasing a “share” of the farm’s bounty before the season starts to help us get the growing process off and running. This financial support directly impacts how successful and fruitful of a season we have, and a “share” ensures you 20 weeks of weekly or every other week boxes of vegetables, fresh-picked and always grown using natural and sustainable practices. All of our crops are grown from organic seeds using natural, chemical-free practices.


From crisp and early spring salad mix, to crunchy cucumbers, to sun-ripened juicy tomatoes, we’re growing upwards of 100 varieties of hybrid, open-pollinated and heirloom fruits and vegetables in 2019. We’re so excited!

If this resonates with you, your owners and farmers at FulBuschel Farm and Produce encourage and invite you to take a journey into seasonal eating. Together we can create a vibrant and self-sufficient community, one that values and supports small-scale, chemical-free, local and sustainable agriculture, as well as young farmers who believe in world that desperately needs healthy food that is grown transparently and with the best intentions.

Sound interesting? Want to explore our mission further?

Ready to sign up online today? Click here! Click the button below to view and print/download our CSA signup & agreement form. Here you can learn more about our CSA offerings, including frequently asked questions, pick-up locations, a crop list, share sizes, and more!


“I love FulBuschel Farm and Produce! I am one of their CSA members. It’s so fun to get the box full of produce and figure out what you can make. They also include a recipe and breakdown of what they give you… I have made tomatillo salsa… fresh tomato sauce, spaghetti squash taco boats, kale chips, roasted beets, and roasted watermelon radishes… such great produce! Strongly recommend them! Thanks, Chelsey and Quinton!”

Marie Krajecki, CSA member 2018